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Dongguan Licheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd, was founded in 2009, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales in one, professional development, production of non-woven deep processing equipment enterprises. With nearly 13 years of rich experience in machining, manufacturing, design, research and development, with the rapid development of nonwovens industry, the company focuses on the processing machinery of nonwovens products. Adhere to the professional, practical business philosophy, continuous development, continuous update, in order to meet the market development needs.
The company takes science as the forerunner, continuously absorbs the advanced technology and the experience, consummation and the improvement product. To excellent quality, affordable price, perfect pre-sale and after-sales service to win the trust of users.The company's main products are: non-woven mask equipment: automatic plane mask inner ear band machine, automatic plane mask outer ear band machine, automatic plane mask band machine, automatic fish mask machine, automatic folding (N95) mask machine, automatic elastic mask machine, automatic duck mouth mask machine, etc. Non-woven deep processing equipment: non-woven bag machine, non-woven /PE strip cap/bath cap making machine, non-woven /PE shoe cover making machine, non-woven /PE glove machine, non-woven /PE sleeve making machine, doctor cap making machine, air filter bag making machine, pillow case making machine, CD/DVD case making machine. Other professional equipment: non-woven fabric sitting machine, non-woven fabric cutting bed, cloth pulling machine, etc. The company provides high quality maintenance, equipment failure consultation and related training services, providing accurate mechanical hardware accessories, a full range of customer requirements to meet all aspects.
Since the beginning of the company adhering to the "sincerity" and "letter" as the basic concept, to customer satisfaction as the purpose of service, adhere to the quality of survival, credibility and development, we adhere to the continuous research and innovation, meet the market opportunities and challenges, wholeheartedly provide customers with first-class professional products and first-class service. Let us cooperate sincerely to create a bettertomorrow!

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