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  • Time of issue:2020-12-26 17:14:34
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Recruitment position: Mechanical Engineer
Release time: 2020-10-20
Number of recruits: 2
Age requirement: 25-35
Contact number: 13713329813
Gender requirements: male
Salary range: basic salary + overtime + bonus + insurance (after conversion)
Working years: more than 2 years
Job Requirements:
1. A person with a college degree or above in machinery, with more than 2 years of working experience in the machinery industry, and willing to develop in this industry for a long time.
2. Familiar with office software, CAD, SolidWorks and other design software.
3. With strong design ability and strong on-site hands-on ability.
4. Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and teamwork spirit. Have certain management and leadership skills. The company provides a good development platform, and relevant work experience in non-woven machinery such as mask machines is preferred.
5. Work seriously, actively, and have a high sense of responsibility.

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